Thursday, March 8, 2007

She's Got This Black Book

While sitting here waiting for Sandy to get around to (excuse me, I wasn’t being impatient, I was just waiting) writing this evening. (Give me just a minute, she’s arguing with me. Seems I need to define “author” for her.)

While waiting for Sandy to get around to writing this evening, after waiting for her to get home from working late, after being ignored while she was at work all day (and, yes, despite whatever she may tell you on her blog, she does ignore me when she’s at work, and it makes me crazy), I picked up this black book she keeps on the desk here in the writing den. As much as I hated to interrupt her (thus making me wait longer to get her to writing), I wanted to ask questions. It turns out this book is a Bible and it tells the history of your society’s god. Now, in the society from whence I come, we have many gods and goddesses and lesser gods and goddesses, and nobles who serve them in their city in the northeastern region of Onweald. And that’s where my bride comes in. She’s supposed to protect the most annoying of these gods, Master Rothahn, my grandfather. Because he’s family, I can’t very well just put a sword through him when he antagonizes Mandy, but there are times when I’d sure like to.

Sigh. And there are times, like right now, when I’d sure like to at least stuff Sandy in a closet and shut the door. She’s telling me no one cares about my polytheistic society.

So what do you people want me to write about here? I’m not allowed to give you deep, dark, personal secrets about Sandy Lender or she’ll probably kill off my bride in some horrific battle and marry me off to some vacuous, conniving woman from Bellan. Anyone have any ideas or requests?

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Kiernan said...

Relgions and various pantheons are always intriguing and prick my curiosity. My personal preference happens to be a Celtic pantheon including Brigid, Cerridwen, the Morrigan, and the like. This particular society seems to be bent on the idea of one god, I will grant that. Why is it such a difficult concept that there would be more than one god? Even as people cannot be in more than one place at a time, neither can a god, despite protests to the contrary.

Talk about what you will. I surely intend to. (And our writing session is about to start, so if you will excuse me.)

Be well.

Nigel said...

They consider their one god a triune god. Sandy explained it in depth. It's fascinating. In my world, we have one creator god who really "got the shaft" as Sandy puts it. While that's not a colloquialism I'm familiar with, I understand completely.

All my best,

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