Tuesday, March 6, 2007

She Let This Guy Put Needles All Over Her!

I just about drew a sword this evening, but Sandy stopped me. She’s told me I can’t kill the man she’s divorcing (which is a shame because I need to put a sword through that one), because people in this society don’t solve their issues by killing each other. Now, I’ve seen the news channel on the television that the other person in her household watches, and I know for a fact that people kill each other all the time here, but she refuses to let me do it.

But I digress.

This evening, she went to an acupuncturist. I knew she was going to this appointment, and I knew the person was some form of doctor that she believed was going to help release some of her pent up anger and pain she’s been storing in her muscles. Fine. I don’t understand all of that, but I’ll trust her. I went along because I’ve been worried about her as of late, and I need my author back in top form so she can write this weekend (that, and I care about her). Imagine my surprise when this guy opens up this little package and tries to put a needle in her shoulder. (That’s when I went for the sword.)

So I had to wait out in the lobby.

Because the point of the excursion was to release her pent-up anger, and she actually looked much more peaceful than I’ve seen her in months when she came out to the lobby afterward, I didn’t think it would be appropriate to argue about it all the way home, but I’m not going to let her go back there again. I’ve found that this method works well with Amanda, so I’m going to try it with our author. I drew her a bath of Epsom salt when we got home because she’s supposed to soak in that now. In other words, she’s not working on the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. She’s soaking. I’m fuming. She’s going to end up with a migraine from this and she won’t be able to write for days.

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Kiernan said...

You might be surprised at what it takes to get our authors back in top form. It might do her a lot of good.

Laura M. Crawford said...

Nigel, darling, this is called a healing ritual, and considering all the time and work Sandy has put in to create not just you, and your bride, but also your world, she needs some time and healing to recharge her batteries! Oh, what are batteries?? Well, maybe she can explain that better than I can. Anyway, dear, just let her have some peace and she will be better than ever to finish the trilogy! psst...Sandy, did the acupuncture work? Just curious! Take it easy, baby! Loveya!

Laura :)

Nigel said...

I get the feeling that you and Henry and I need to band together. There is strength in numbers. As one, we could influence these authors to do our will.

We'll need a covert name under which to operate, of course. I don't know about your author, but Sandy is so busy, I seriously doubt she'd notice until it was too late.

All my best, brother,

Nigel said...

You sound like a wise lady. Are you an author as well?

I've seen these batteries. She keeps a good stock of them for the radio that plays nonstop Duran Duran (I think she does it to drive me out of the house so I'll leave her alone). But I see the analogy you're drawing. Is that the right phrase? Drawing?

I'm not so sure the acupuncture took all the anger and stress out of her that she wished it to. She received the galleys to proof for Choices Meant for Gods and the stress all went right back into her. She said mumbled something about stoli martinis sans olives and chocolate cake before going to soak last night and it's become a sort of mantra. I know how to make chocolate cake, but I've no idea what a stoli martini is...or why it would or would not contain olives.

All my best to you,
Nigel Taiman

Kiernan said...

It would appear you are correct, Nigel. At the moment, I would prefer not to speak to my author were it not necessary! She is busy as well, so perhaps this would be something worth exploring.

Be well.

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