Sunday, March 18, 2007

She Gave Away a Copy of my Brother's Sword

I guess I should start by saying congratulations to the lovely Christina Montana. I was lurking at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival yesterday and didn't introduce myself to anyone, so Christina doesn't know I watched as she filled out her lavender entry index card - lavender like Amanda's eyes, Sandy pointed out. (Do you think I need that drawn to my attention?)

Anyway, Sandy wanted me to point out on my blog that the box was from my treasury and to say (what? oh for pity's sake)... Sandy wanted me to point out on my blog that the box was from Arcana's treasury and to say that she thanks me for letting her borrow it. (That is the most convoluted crap I've ever written. How is anyone going to understand it?)

Hold on. I think Sandy should just write this herself if she's so bent on dictating the blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sandy thanks me for letting her borrow a box from Arcana's treasury and announces that Christina Montana won the replica of Jorin's sword at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival yesterday. Congratulations to Christina. The novel, Choices Meant for Gods, from which Jorin and his training sword hail, is due out from ArcheBooks Publishing in the next two to three weeks. Everyone can order copies then, and Sandy and I will both be announcing how, as soon as it's time. Now, I think Sandy needs to get some more sleep. She's far too testy this afternoon... (Yes, you are.)

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theauthormike said...

Nigel, Darling, Sandy has been promising to speak to you about booking me into your hotel, as an entertainer, first and formost. But this is not to say that I can't do a little "room service" to secure the job. LOL

Nigel said...

Hmm. I don't own the hotel where Abby works, but I'm sure I could speak to the owner the next time I'm in Bellan. Or you could check with Abby. She's got a blog that I'm afraid to look at over at (Wait...Sandy, is that really the address? Is that what she's calling it? Can't you influence her to change it?!?)

And I think I'll leave this message at that so Amanda doesn't have any reason to scowl at me...

All my best to you,

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