Tuesday, March 20, 2007

She Watched the Same Video Five Times

Now, I’ve mentioned on here before that Sandy has this obsession with Duran Duran. Let me just state that yesterday, there was a new moon. And yesterday was Monday. I should have realized something wasn’t going to be “right” with the day when one of her friends from Kansas City called late Sunday night singing New Moon on Monday to her on the telephone. I didn’t know it was an epidemic with these people.

So she put the Duran Duran CD titled “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” (and don’t ask me what that means because I’ve no idea) in the CD player, and started calling people to either sing the song to them, or play it for their voice mail systems. What I find most inconceivable about this is the fact that she assures me these people are going to be thrilled with these messages.

Then she got home from work, had me set up the DVD player with Duran Duran’s Greatest disc…and proceeded to watch the video for New Moon on Monday five times. In a row! Her saving grace here is that each showing of the video had subtle differences, until the final version, which was at least twenty minutes long. (Oh, she says I should explain that she has taught me how to work the DVD player in the past. But, to be honest, I merely watched her once and figured it out on my own. These electronic devices in this society are not that difficult to master. I operate this computer just fine. What does “wait until you have to trouble-shoot” it mean?)

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