Saturday, March 17, 2007

She's Got This Fear of Spiders

Now here’s something I don’t understand. Sandy will actually scream when she sees a spider in her house. The first time she let out one of those shrieks, I appeared with the sword ready to take on something akin to a ryfel (you’ll have to read Choices Meant for Gods to understand that reference) to find her on her hands and knees chasing this furry little creature around banging a shoe against the floor behind it, shrieking with every strike. It took us both a good fifteen minutes to recover after she splattered it.

Now, keep in mind, I’ve never seen a spider that size so I wasn’t clear on what we were up against, and her reaction was…well…let’s just say I figured we had something magical in the house that was about to cast a spell on one or both of us.


Wolf spiders merely jump around a lot and run fast. That’s it. So she was shrieking out of some crazy fear of spiders that she has. I couldn’t believe it. She’s not afraid of anything (other than black panthers) like that. She had a scorpion sting her this summer and she merely smashed the thing and went on with activities as if it wasn’t venomous and swelling up a wound on her arm that had me concerned for a couple of days. The last thing I need is for my author to collapse and die before she finishes my bride’s story.

Anyway, I’m on wolf spider detail this evening. And I guess that’s fine if it lets her get some sleep. You wouldn't believe the week she's had...and I want her in front of this computer writing tomorrow...

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Sandy Lender said...

I just wanted to stop in to make two little comments.

First, the scorpion was really really small or I probably would have gone to a doctor about it. I'm not the complete idiot this post makes me look like.

Second, I don't scream every time I see a spider in my house! Where's that comin' from? I think Nigel Taiman has a propensity for exaggeration. Big, huge, hairy wolf spiders...yes, I scream. And who wouldn't? These things are the size of your hand. You can see their eyes sizing you up from across the room.

I think I need to monitor this blog a little more closely...

"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

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