Thursday, March 22, 2007

She Reads While Driving

This makes me crazy. She's going to end up in the hospital and they won't let her have a computer there to work on the ending of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy and I'll have to sit there watching her bones mend wondering when she'll ever get around to finishing the story...


So she was sitting in traffic (which she has to do every day, so why was today any less tolerable than usual?) when I had this idea for her to write down, but when I popped in to tell her about it, pow, there she is scooting along this six-lane road in the thick of all these trucks and nasty-looking vehicles with a book propped up against the steering wheel. She tells me it intimidates the other drivers into staying out of her lane.

The good news out of this day is Choices Meant for Gods is at the printer and you can see the cover and read a couple testimonials about it at the publisher's website. Go to It's right there on the front. You can't miss it unless your computer screen is turned off.

Now I'm going to locate her again and get her to write this idea down before I forget it...

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