Monday, March 5, 2007

She's Not Working on Book III

I have to complain about something. Now, I know I shouldn't because Sandy's very busy, but it's making me crazy watching her run around doing everything except complete the story of my bride. I know she wants to be writing the end of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy, and she's nearly completed it, but a few things have come up.

These few things (some of which I don't fully understand in your society) include, but are not limited to, the foreclosure on her house, driving for more than two hours a day in obstreperous traffic to the new job she's started with another magazine, the divorce, managing a few blogs to promote Choices Meant for Gods' release, building a website from a software program she's been trying to get someone to order with something called a staff discount since November, and a variety of health issues that stem from the stress I'm watching her deal with. It's very odd. I'll probably get in trouble for writing this, but, you know, this is supposed to be a journal about an author, and this is what starving authors deal with.

I think she'd relax and be more at peace with the events swirling around her if she made the time one evening to work on Book III, and I'm going to shackle her to the computer desk to make that happen one of these nights. I think she has this weekend free of work and other commitments (she said something about saving the whole weekend for herself so she could work on selling the house and building the website). I intend to capture her and tie her to this desk. If anyone would like to assist me in keeping her off the internet/e-mail, just let me know how to make that happen...

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