Saturday, March 3, 2007

Movie Poster of Choices Meant for Gods

Sandy assures me that movies are all the rage in this society. Because I’ve only seen her attend a handful of movies, I’ll just have to trust her on that. But here you can see an image she created on a web site… (Wait. Let me find out why it’s a web site and not a blog site.)

All right. Here you can see an image Sandy Lender created on a web site of the upcoming novel Choices Meant for Gods. She has the release date of March on there for lack of a better month. Personally, I think she should have used a picture of Amanda instead of the compass rose she’s chosen for the artwork, but she’s very proud of the work her friend Megan Kissinger, a local artist here in Southwest Florida (let me make sure that’s where we are), has created, and she wants to display it for the world to see. You see, Megan Kissinger created the map of Onweald (the world where I typically live) for the book and her artwork will appear in the pages once it’s published.

I’m actually quite impressed. I’ve not met Megan yet, but I understand Sandy is going to interview her and display more of her work over at before the release of Choices Meant for Gods. That is something worth keeping your eyes open for. The sketches Megan started with are wonderful, and, of course, anytime someone produces something on one of these blasted computers I’m flabbergasted by it. Electricity and technology, Sandy calls it all. Personally, I’m looking forward to getting back to Arcana where there are no computers, no electricity, and the only technology I have to worry about is the lantern that bathes my bride in golden light.

What? You thought this blog would be about Sandy all the time? Ha. Not when I’m the one at the typewriter. Oh. Sandy says it’s a keyboard. Not when I’m the one at the keyboard. (But, then, she also told me a keyboard was something musical…something about Duran Duran having a keyboardist…)


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