Thursday, June 28, 2007

She Gave Me Permission to Cross-Post Henry's Interview of Me

Wednesday morning, as part of Sandy Lender's Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour, Henry Bakerson interviewed me on his blog site, Friends of Dragons. You can view the entire interview at Here is the meat of the interview:

Henry Bakerson: Fantastic! Now then. Tell visitors what it’s like being the new master of Arcana. I mean, that’s a crazy one for me.

Nigel Taiman: Well, let me back up and answer your first question here. I’m Nigel Taiman, the son of Kora Taiman and her husband. When her husband dies in the novel Choices Meant for Gods, I, as the heir, take over the Taiman estate. You’re right, though; it’s surreal to walk through the front door of Hleo-Arcana knowing I’m the one making the final decisions as to what’s taking place around me instead of that ogre.

Henry Bakerson: Was taking Chariss in - by the gods, Man, it’s not like she’s here - Was taking Chariss in your decision?

Nigel Taiman: I was actually away from Arcana when Amanda Chariss arrived. Mother is the one who made the decision to give her sanctuary. It was a good decision.

Henry Bakerson: Agreed. How soon after you met her did you fall in love with her?

Nigel Taiman: Sandy approved that question?

Henry Bakerson: Sure did. She actually re-worded it from what I used to have here. I was going to ask when you knew you wanted to bed–

Nigel Taiman: By the gods, Man, this is a public forum. All right, then. When did I know I was in love with Amanda? The moment I set eyes on her. She came bounding into the family’s dining room after a day of training with Mia and Hrazon, and she looked like a goddess from Mahriket. You should have seen her, Henry. Absolutely beautiful. I sort of avoided her for a bit, though, because there was so much worry surrounding her, and I assumed she’d be running out with that blasted sorcerer after her any day. It wasn’t until Jake started flirting with her like an idiot that I decided I best get her attention.

Henry Bakerson: I think you succeeded. Now, let me ask a couple questions unrelated to the story, but about you, directly. How long have you known your author?

Nigel Taiman: Interesting. I’ve known Sandy Lender for about 20 or 22 years. But I didn’t realize I could speak to her and influence her decisions and the story that Amanda was telling until just a few years ago…Maybe five or six years ago. I’ve been working with Sandy on marketing and promotion since February.

Henry Bakerson: How does it feel to have your author sharing your innermost thoughts with the world in the novel Choices Meant for Gods - telling your deepest, darkest secrets - shining a light on all your crimes - exposing your–

Nigel Taiman: All right, now, I’m not the villain in the story, you know. And your past is just as questionable as mine. Sandy’s actually been very discreet. As you know well, my teen years were hardly admirable, and I’d rather all the sordid details not be spelled out for the world, Amanda in particular, to read. Sandy has done an excellent job of hinting at what needed to be revealed without telling all my deep, dark secrets, as you put it. I have enough secrets that have to be revealed in Choices Meant for Gods that we don’t need travesties from the past muddying the waters.

Henry Bakerson: Oh, that’s right…Well, folks will just have to read the book to get all that, won’t they?

Nigel Taiman: Indeed.

Henry Bakerson: So how do folks get a copy of the book to read?

Nigel Taiman: Why, Henry…that was almost smooth. Did Sandy teach you how to market while I wasn’t looking? People can go to to order a copy from Amazon or they can visit her publisher’s site at to order the book and see the banner ad that she’s so keen on. It includes her slogan.

Henry Bakerson: I don’t think I know what a slogan is.

Nigel Taiman: You need to interview more characters.

Henry Bakerson: Thanks for stopping by Friends of Dragons.

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