Monday, June 11, 2007

She's Having a Banner Day

(It's not a silly title.) She's making fun of me when she should be pleased with my use of your society's little colloquialism there. Check out the banner ad for Fantasy Author Sandy Lender's book at Or, you can go to and refresh the page until the ad pops up there. That confused me at first, but she explained that there are several folks who have purchased ads for the front page of that site, and they each share the space, thus the ads scroll through. Whatever. What you want to do is (what? I've heard you say that to me before. Whatever. You say it all the time.)

Anyway, she's very pleased with the look of the banner, and, if you watch all the phases of it (yes, I'm going to tell them about the slogan, relax), if you watch all the phases of it including the one with her slogan "some days, I just want the dragon to win," there's one phase that includes the publisher's URL. Click on that and you get magically transported to (what? why is that humorous?) you get magically transported to the exact page on the publisher's site where you can purchase the fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods. As Sandy says, "how cool is that?"

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