Thursday, June 7, 2007

She Reviewed Hunted

Fantasy Author Sandy Lender has prepared a review of the online-serial-novel-turned-eBook Hunted by Jamieson Wolf. The novel is now available at multiple online sites, which I will list at the end of the review.

On the Hunt for Wolf's Paranormal Satire
By Sandy Lender, author of Choices Meant for Gods

A madman is killing little girls. Beautiful, full-of-life little girls who belong to families that love and adore them. The man is a serial killer bent on not just acting out the script from the soap opera "Hope Falls"—he's intent on using black magic to force the armies of the dead to rise up and destroy the lovely Susan Halliway who used to play Carrie Jones on the set of "Hope Falls." But Susan left the bright lights of that set to get away from the craziness and voodoo mystery that had started to plague her and her co-workers. She left that world behind.

How has it found her again?

Author Jamieson Wolf has created a supernatural satire in the novel Hunted. But don't go into it expecting your typical mystery thriller. Go in expecting quite a bit more. This is a clever satire. It's an extraordinary paranormal. If you enjoy watching soap operas, you'll love all the "pokes" at daytime drama; and if you enjoy paranormal angst and tension, well, then, hold onto your seat.

Hunted shows that gruesome thrillers about soap stars seeking a quiet life away from the big-city lights of a television film set can be hilarious, too. The story takes the reader from laughing to cringing to gasping to fanning over the steamy little romance between Susan and Investigator-to-the-Rescue Derrick. And there are enough pop culture references to make the average reader laugh out loud, whether the reader is working her own references into it or not. For instance, when the heroine awakes one morning after "imbibing" to reduce the effects of one frightening adventure, she "groaned when the sun hit her eyes. She remembered booze and pills but not much else." All I could picture as I read those lines was Edwina from "Absolutely Fabulous."

Anyone in the mood for a fun romp through soap-opera land with some zombies and voodoo and romance thrown in for good measure needs to check out Hunted. To do that, you can visit Write Words Inc under New Books; Fictionwise; or the original carrier, Mobipocket

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