Saturday, June 30, 2007

She's Teaming Up With Mother to Give Away a Computer Device

My fantasy author is giving away a nice little computer device, and she's got Mother in on the act. I'm rather impressed, actually.

If you visit, you'll see Kora Taiman's blog currently lists a post with instructions on how to enter a contest to win a Sony MicroVault 2 gig USB flash drive that Sandy Lender picked up a week or so ago for the purpose of rewarding new fans of the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods. Beneath this instructional post, Mother has posted a list of ten questions (and they're fairly easy, too) for fans to respond to. To answer them, you need to have either been paying attention to the CMFG Online Book Tour or read the fantasy novel. You can still get a copy at What you do is cut and paste the list of questions into an e-mail, provide your answers, then send the e-mail to Mother at prior to midnight, July 20. Then Sandy and Mother will put the entries into a hat (what do you mean mixing bowl?)... Ah, all right... Then Sandy and Mother will put the entries into a bowl from the kitchen and Sandy will draw a winner. She'll announce the winner Saturday, July 21, the last day of the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour.

Now how clever is that? She has a few other surprises planned for the final day of her tour, which, at first, I thought was a little silly because it's the day the final Harry Potter novel is released and, well, no one's going to be paying attention to anything except J.K. Rowling. Am I right? But she's determined to maintain a presence on the internet, whether Harry Potter is selling like hotcakes in the brick-and-mortar stores, as she calls them, or not. Supposedly this is part of her online marketing scheme.

I'm behind her all the way!

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