Friday, June 8, 2007

She's Manic

I don't know what to do with my fantasy author right now. I'm pretty sure she's going to burst into tears any second, and then she giggles about something mundane and gets back to working on items for tomorrow's book signing. See, the idiot she should have let me put a sword through took the printer when he abandoned her and the house last week so she has to put these files together and get them printed at the copy shop. Let me express to you what a pain in the...wait. (Why can't I tell them he ran out like a mongrel dog?)

Oh, apparently this blog that's supposed to be about the fantasy author Sandy Lender isn't going to tell you what's going on in the life of the fantasy author Sandy Lender. I'm just going to observe her and write about...what? The bird? She has this beautiful pet bird that you all have heard about before.

All right. She's focused on the book again. As I was saying, she's a bit manic this evening preparing for tomorrow. She's made lists and gathered supplies (like the sword she's giving away at the signing tomorrow and the fancy book stand that will hold a copy of Choices Meant for Gods on the folding table, etc.) and put everything in a nice little pile in the living room so it's all set for tomorrow, but the actual printing of the final elements is happening...well...right now, it seems. She's rather upset about that. You may not know this, but Sandy does not like to wait until the last minute for anything. Being prepared ahead of time keeps her sane. That's why there's a bag in the bathroom with supplies already going in for next weekend's trip to New York City...wait. (No, I'm not telling them anything personal. Packing for a trip is not personal information. Oh, by the gods...) Fantasy Author Sandy Lender is not just manic this evening, I think she's lost her mind. I'll check the bag in the bathroom.

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