Monday, June 25, 2007

She's an Inconstant Criseyde

I couldn't believe my eyes. At first, I was thrilled to find my fantasy author at her desk in the writing den, typing away last night as if her fingers had been set on fire, totally "in the zone," as she's said in the past. In the den sat a new muse that I'd not seen before (we muses can recognize a kindred spirit in an instant, you know; just ask Jen Nipps's Kiernan). I looked at this nice young lady, puzzled by the fact that she had sort of wispy looking wings (wings, I tell you), and I asked, "Are you in Book Three?"


Oh, no, nothing so benign as that. Sandy Lender was typing away at something completely foreign to the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. She was working on some other book that I am not at all happy about. She's wasting time flitting about with this Lyndia whatever she is creature instead of completing my bride's story and now I have to compete with not just…wait…

(No, I'm not being unreasonable. You were wasting time on something you have no business wasting time on until that trilogy is complete. And I daresay you ought to have that prequel complete before you mess around with this little winged chick, too.)

Inconstant woman. Never trust a fantasy author to sit in her writing den alone. Let this be a lesson to all you muses and all you fantasy characters. If your author isn't finished with your story, or the story of someone you care deeply about, make sure you're watching his or her every move. If he or she isn't working on marketing materials and promotion of the books, then he or she should be working on the sequels and the prequels. You can best believe there'll be no more messing around in this household. I'm not the master of Arcana for nothing you know. I can handle this problem, and that winged strumpet from wherever she's from won't be visiting again until my bride's story is complete and off to the publisher.

I'm quite put out over it.

To help keep Sandy on task, you can fan the flames by purchasing your copy of Choices Meant for Gods at Thank you for your support.

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Devon said...

I can vouch for what you say about keeping an eye on our authors, Nigel.

While Jen isn't currently working on another story, she's somewhat obsessed with this idea for a collection of poems at the moment. Hang it all, she bloody well better get back to my story! I may not have the talents you do, but I can certainly handle the situation if it comes to it.

Unfortunately there isn't a muse I can deal with. Memories from her own past are the instigators here.

A seirc.

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