Saturday, June 16, 2007

She Trusted These People in This Machine

Okay, I can't tell you much about why I understand flying or my fantasy author will take a sword to me, but the woman got on a giant bus-like contraption that she had absolutely no control over and these people hurtled it through space. Space. They lifted this monstrosity off the ground and flew through the air as if they knew what they were doing. Do you have any idea the number of muscles that must be employed in a dragon's wings alone to accomplish liftoff? And these people think they can accomplish this with metal and wires? And I'm not talking about the legs and the abdomen and the neck muscles of a dragon. Just the wings. Then there's soaring.

Wait, she's complaining.

Sigh. Apparently, for those of you who haven't read Choices Meant for Gods yet, I'm giving away too much information by demonstrating my knowledge of dragon flight and so I have to stop complaining about her trusting airplane pilots. Instead, I have to just report, for Sandy Lender's life today, she's made it safely to New York, she's going to be selling a few copies of the fantasy novel tonight at the hotel before all the Duranies (is that truly what you call yourselves? That sounds a little off. ) all go out clubbing, which I am told is not violent, but fun. Yes, you can all rest assured I'll be hanging out in the background with my sword. I won't let anything happen to her or her friends.

All my best,
Nigel Taiman

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Jen said...

Some people think clubbing is fun. Personally, I don't. Then again, I've never really liked noisy, crowded places.

Glad she got to NY safely.

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