Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She Went to New York

So when she was in New York, she let random people use her camera. The image above was one result. There were more, but this is one of the few she'll allow me to post. She says she doesn't look intoxicated (but I beg to differ).

I think this proves she's still human under all that writing exterior. But, if you'd like to know what the writing exterior produces, you can get her fantasy novel (what? that was as smooth a transition as I could make it; don't complain. If you want bad transitions, go read Henry's ridiculous interview at that friends of dragons thing he has going today. ) You can get her fantasy novel at I recommend the novel, not my interview. But you can also read my interview at It's part of the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour that Sandy Lender is so pleased with.
Anyway, the people in the picture are fellow Duranies Jennine (on the left) and Christine (in the center). Then there's "the dragon" looking not dangerous at all (on the right).


Jen said...

Nigel, I'd have to agree with Sandy. She doesn't look intoxicated. Unforutunately, I've seen enough people in that condition to know. *s*

Nigel said...

Hmmm...methinks you writers will always come to one another's defense...

And I love you for it.

All my best to you, my dear,

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