Thursday, June 7, 2007

She Says Celebrity Endorsements Work--Once in a Blue Moon

I can tell by the glint in her eye when she's teasing me. But I decided to take the bait the other day anyway. So I asked, "What's a blue moon?" I could deduce what celebrity endorsements are, but wasn't sure why she was talking about them while flipping the page on her Duran Duran calendar to June. She took a few minutes in responding because she was admiring the picture…

Turns out the moon (and you only have one in orbit around your planet) goes full once per month here. From time to time, though, that happens twice in a month, and the second time it happens, it is called a blue moon. It's not frequent, thus she was using it to illustrate that she is not frequently influenced by celebrity endorsements. Turns out John Taylor is wearing a pair of boots called New Balance Tennis Shoes in his (What? Then what are they called if not boots?) Sorry, Everyone. I thought men in this society wore boots and women wore shoes, but it appears I had my terminology wrong. John Taylor is wearing a pair of shoes called New Balance tennis shoes in his picture for the month of June and that's why fantasy author Sandy Lender elected to buy that brand of tennis shoe when she had to purchase said item a few months ago for a Duran Duran concert she was going to att… wait. (You wore tennis shoes to a Duran Duran concert? I don't think I believe you. Ohhhhh.) I have to explain that she had so injured her feet in a pair of high-heeled boots at a Duran Duran concert in October that she had no choice but to wear comfortable tennis shoes to one of their shows in November. By the gods.

What was this article supposed to be about?

Oh, yes, celebrity endorsements. She's going to see if she can get Simon LeBon to read Choices Meant for Gods and endorse it so all the other fans will go out and buy it. He (or you) can do so at

Here's my assessment of the whole situation: Fantasy Author Sandy Lender has lost her pretty little mind.

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