Wednesday, June 20, 2007

She'll Be Here Tomorrow

Any of you who visit this blog site regularly know that my fantasy author is usually hovering over my shoulder, reading and censoring what I'm posting in support of her fantasy novel and my bride's story, Choices Meant for Gods. But tomorrow, she'll be here in a more planned and official capacity. As part of the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour (or virtual book tour, as some tour people call it), Fantasy Author Sandy Lender is stopping by Nigel Presents Sandy Lender. (Seems fitting, doesn't it? makes you wonder why we didn't do it sooner... oh, she says she had too many other stops... wait a minute... I, the official marketer for Choices Meant for Gods, got a back seat to all the other tour hosts since May 21? I should be completely offended. )

Well, we'll start the day off with a guest post and then an author interview. I hope you'll stop in for the light reading (because I doubt she's submitting anything heavy about her life; you regular visitors know how closed she is on that subject) and for the interview. Now, let me tell you, I did manage to get some good information out of the interview. We're not talking Amanda Chariss level of interrogation here, but I at least got her to respond to a few questions that weren't just about the book.

Wait, I'm getting lectured. Okay, turns out I made a reference to an interrogation scene from Book II above and I had to go back and remove part of the sentence. Now we have something you all can be allowed to read. Yes, I've read Book II. Heck, I lived it. Figure that one out...

See you all in the morning.

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