Thursday, July 12, 2007

She Can Write in Her Sleep

Now don't jump to any naughty conclusions out there. I just happen to show up at odd hours - day or night - with ideas for my fantasy author, Sandy Lender. If she's asleep...well...I've learned to leave her alone because she really doesn't get enough sleep as it is. She does alot of work after her day job promoting Choices Meant for Gods. But I've noticed that she does bizarre things when she sleeps. She can wake herself up from laughing out loud. She can wake herself up sobbing. (That's one that distresses me greatly. Maniacal laughter at 3 a.m. I can work around. Weeping - not so much.) I've seen her typing at the computer with her eyes closed and real words appearing on the screen. But last night, she was scribbling away in a notebook - fast asleep. I don't know what disturbed her, but she jolted awake, looked down at the notebook, and sarted giggling. "This last paragraph makes no sense at all," she told me. "I guess I should stop and go to bed."

Here's the paragraph:

Oh, so that's why you won't go out with her. "Sorry, Honey, but I can't be seen in public without someone like Cheryl Tiegues."

I asked her who Cheryl Tiegs is, and she said, "someone whose name I misspell when I'm asleep, and someone who shouldn't be showing up in Onweald."

I'm going to suggest she get to sleep early tonight.

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