Saturday, July 21, 2007

She Wants to Celebrate my Hundredth Post with a Thank You to Her Hosts

Welcome to Post #100.

My fantasy author is brimming with joy about this for some reason. She's got over 400 at her site, so I'm not sure why this is so momentous...

But the focus of this post is not to highlight my inadequacy but to (what? I only have 100 posts and I've been at this since, what, February?)... Sandy is very kind. She can be supportive when she wants to. She's brought me cake. Oooh, and wine. We're drinking early, she says. You see, we're celebrating the culmination of the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour. Today, a plethora of writers and promoters have given of their time and web space to help Sandy in her online promotion, and she'd like to give them some notice here (oh, she's going to do the same over at Today the Dragon Wins, as well, so you can see a more dignified post at in a few minutes...unless she drinks too much of that wine before she gets to posting... ).

The whole point of the tour is to promote Choices Meant for Gods, an epic fantasy novel that tells the story of my bride, the amazing and incredible Amanda Chariss. You can pick up your copy of the book at Barnes & Noble, Border, Hastings, and anywhere fine books are sold. But, because you're already online, you could just hop over to Amazon and order it with free shipping at They got their new shipment and now they're down to only four copies (with another shipment on the way again), so I advise hurrying so you don't have to wait.

Now! We encourage you to visit the following sites to support the wonderful folks who have supported my fantasy author. (nice interview today!) (Karen has a nice set-up here for marketing her own novel, Let Us Play) (ooh, this is that author Henry's so nervous with, isn't it? Henry Bakerson is interviewing Astra from Sam Cheever's Tween Heaven and Hell novel over at and, ahh, he's just a little worked up about it; serves him right) (well, what more can we say about Jamieson Wolf? he's not Drake, thank the gods, but a real friend in this marketing and promotional effort) (I was interviewed here during the tour; you can see my interview in the archives on May 29) (nice setup on this site) (this was the thought-provoking interview, wasn't it? you can still see it from June 8 or 9) (I'm not touching this subject) (it's uncanny how excited Sandy got over this one) (the Frank Herbert post here is good, too) (the bunny connection is just a little odd) (great intro; Laura really deserves flowers for this) (a contest announcement) (the new trailer for CMFG from Jamieson Wolf, but you should check out the contest directions at

I think that's everybody. I'd post the publisher's blog but he forgot to post the article, point.

Thank you to everyone! I need to collect a wine bottle from someone...
All my best and good night,
Nigel Taiman

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