Thursday, July 12, 2007

She's Got Rodents in Her Yard -- And She's Happy About It

See, my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, is a sucker for any small, helpless creature.

Now picture that creature as a baby bunny. Oh, yes, I hear all the ladies oooohing and awwwwing and making sweet, lovey sounds now.

Okay, double the cuteness factor because the nest Sandy uncovered in her front yard has two baby bunnies and they shivered and quivered and squealed in utter, trembling fear over the big human staring at them. They had their tiny pale ears plastered back against their heads and they huddled together in their burrow just waiting for certain death.

She's hoping Mommy Bunny moves them to a more secure location. "If I could find them, an owl or a hawk can find them," she said.

I half expected her to stand guard overnight.

Well, she'll have a fit if I don't mention that she's got rodents in the second and third books of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. You may have heard that she's completed the second book and is just editing it now to turn it over to her publisher. She's almost completed the third book, which is why I'm so keen on keeping her happy and writing nice things about my bride. (I'm making a pretty big assumption there because she's not actually letting me read what she's writing...) If you'd like to get your hands on a copy of the first book in the trilogy, or see what everyone's making such a nice fuss over, visit There are currently only two copies left, but Amazon has put in an order to get more.

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