Friday, July 20, 2007

She Has Less Patience Than I

It's almost humorous to watch, actually. My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, has been without internet access at her home since mid-June due to an issue with her modem and the "morons" at Juno suddenly believing quite firmly that she'd connected a digital phone to her line.

She hadn't.

So she ordered a new online service through the phone company Embarq (and please note that I just barely grasp all of this--I've not participated in the technical support end of accessing the internet since visiting this society), connected the new modem, and used a naughty word when nothing worked as it was supposed to the other night. Rather than call the customer service people then (she feared being rude--she didn't want to "be fussy" with anyone while she was in a bad mood over the situation), she waited until a better time. That turned out to be last night when she got home from work. The point of this post is to tell the world that she loves and adores the customer service rep named Sheryl and she's writing a letter to Embarq to tell them how "cool" this woman is. Sheryl deserves a raise. And a company car. (What's a company car?)

Ah. Anyway, Sandy is pleased to announce that she's back online and much happier. Just in time for the whirlwind that will be the final day of the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour tomorrow. You will gasp when you see this list of sites she's going to be hosted on tomorrow. It's nigh unto insane. (What? They'll understand that...)


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