Saturday, July 14, 2007

She Met Another Duranie

Once a month, my fantasy author takes time out to attend the Florida Writers Association's regional group's meeting. Today, a lovely young woman who does gorgeous illustrations was in attendance. This woman, named Aluska Bissaro (whose website Sandy couldn't find or she'd force me to provide it to you all) sat down next to Sandy and the mayhem began. I swear, Sandy attracts fellow Duran Duran fans like honey attracts honeybees. It's insane, I tell you. Turns out this gal not only is intrigued about possibly illustrating something for the Choices Meant for Gods marketing spree Sandy Lender is on, she's going to read the book, probably starting tonight (yes, Sandy warned her about the "people don't sleep once they start reading this" problem). In fact, it was when Sandy warned her that people disrupt their sleep patterns once they start reading the epic (emphasis on epic) fantasy tale that Aluska said she doesn't sleep well anyway. She typically lies awake staring at the ceiling listening to Duran Duran. I decided to just leave the restaurant at that point. I've heard enough of the conversations that ensue after a statement like that made in front of my author...

Needless to say, they'll become friends in short order, if they haven't already.

So it's a stormy, moody day in Naples, Florida, and I'm just itching to convince Sandy to get this gal to paint a portrait of my bride (preferably with me or Malachi), no matter what the cost. I know, I should consider that she's losing her house, but, hey, that just means she's not spending money on mortgage payments, right? So why not spend it on fabulous marketing and promotional materials. She wants to make t-shirts with "Nigel and Chariss" on them. Here's her golden opportunity. I think she made the plea that she wanted artwork for a t-shirt and God put this artist in her path. She should grasp the situation while she can.

What do you all think? I'll likely need help convincing her because you know how she is. At least, if you've been reading this blog or hers at, you know how she is. (A touch on the "touched" side...) And if you're wondering how I'm getting away with all these naughty comments without censorship, it's because she's still at her writers' meeting (it takes her an hour to drive up there, you know; because I'm not of your world, I have no such constraints).

In other strange news of a writer's life, she sold a copy of her book at her once-in-a-blue-moon part-time job last night. I think she's going to post about that over at The Dragon so I'll not regale you with the story here. Suffice it to say, she was tickled to think that carrying a book published in English into a non-English-speaking-bar would result in a sale: three times. I told her she should take a crate of them in the next time she's there. Now, if you don't happen to be in a non-English-speaking-bar where Choices Meant for Gods is being sold, you can pick it up at a Barnes & Noble or Borders near you. You'll probably have to ask them to order it. Or, to make your life very easy, you can order it online from Amazon at or directly from ArcheBooks, the publisher, at And I really do encourage you to get a copy. People are raving about it.

All my best to you,

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