Sunday, July 1, 2007

She's Traveling About the Web

Just to summarize what all is happening on the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour:

Today, Sunday, July 1, Sandy Lender is the featured author in the July issue of Write On! Newsletter, published and distributed by the lovely Michelle True. You can access the newsletter if you're a member of (It's free and very easy to join, and you get information on writing and publishing every month; you also get alerts about contests and publishing industry updates, etc.)

Also, today, Sunday, July 1, Sandy Lender's epic fantasy novel, Choices Meant for Gods is reviewed in the Boca Raton News at

Monday, July 2, the stunning and fabulous Raven Bower, author of Apparitions, now available from, hosts Sandy Lender at If anyone remembers the day Sandy stopped by Raven's MySpace page a couple weeks ago, you'll know this should be a great conversation with plenty of interaction after the interview.

Tuesday, July 3, the incredible hostess Brenda Williamson hosts Sandy Lender for Author Day at This is another one you have to be a member of to access, but, again, it's a free group to join. Ahhhh, you might want to join early so you can get used to it. They're…ummm…well…there are a lot of people in this group who are wonderfully supportive of one another's writing and reading habits, and they tend to chat in spurts. If you get in on a day when they're in a spurt…well…ahhh…you could be reading a lot. The Author Day events turn into multiple-day events, and that's why Sandy's kept three days open for this event.

Friday, July 5, is a surprise. She won't even tell me what she's doing. And that rankles.

At some point this week, she'll announce when she's going live with and and its affiliates, and I'll let you all know. That promises to be a lovely interview. (Long…)

We encourage you to stop by these spots and visit for a while.

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