Monday, July 2, 2007

She Was Called Mandy The Other Day

My fantasy author has been a bit down as of late because life "sucks," as she says it. As strange as these colloquialisms are in your society, I understand that one after watching the bizarre crap she goes through each day. It's a wonder she gets out of bed with what new horror will greet her with the rising of the suns. (Hmm? Oh, yes, you all only have one sun in your world. Sorry about that.)

Anyway, she was delighted one day last week when she answered the phone at work and the person calling in misunderstood her and called her "Mandy" instead of "Sandy." It's a small office—each of the few employees there performs a number of tasks at any given moment (I've seen it…it borders on insanity at times…especially when workers have come in to install hurricane shutters). So answering the phone falls to whoever is able to grab it when it rings. She was quite pleased with the way that turned out. I find it humorous. I also find it "good" that she didn't start singing any Barry Manilow songs at the person. (I wouldn't put it past you…)

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