Sunday, July 29, 2007

She's Giving Away Cool Stuff

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, is giving away free stuff. It's all intriguing merchandise, as well, I might add, so I recommend getting in on these easy contests.

The Book Trailer Contest
If you haven't yet read the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods—never fear. This contest is perfect for you. It involves no outlay of cash on your part.
1. Go to
2. Watch the trailer for Choices Meant for Gods
3. Rank it with a five-star rating AND leave an uplifting comment for its creator, Jamieson Wolf by Saturday, August 4

Just like that! You'll be entered in a contest to win a dragon-knife necklace that fantasy author Sandy Lender will send to you with some autographed piece of CMFG memorabilia.
Your deadline to enter The Book Trailer contest is this Saturday, August 4, so don't put it off!

The Photo Contest
If you have (or haven't) finished reading the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods (it's a 418-page book—you really get your money's worth), this contest is for you merely because you already own it.
1. Have a friend take a picture of you reading the book
2. E-mail the jpeg to with your physical address (so we know where to mail your winnings) by Saturday, August 18

Presto! You'll be entered in a contest to win a package of spa products from Arcana's bathing rooms. (Wait a minute…how come I don't get any of this stuff you're giving away?) Fine. The grand prize for the most creative photo gets the large package of spa goodies. The second-place prize for the person who just gets their name pulled from a hat (and, of course, true to form, it's a Duran Duran cap) is a slew of CMFG memorabilia—signed by the author.
Your deadline to enter The Photo Contest is Saturday, August 18, so get creative and get your picture taken!

The Scavenger Hunt Contest
This is actually not as complex as it sounds. If you've already read the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods, you can answer these three questions easily. If you haven't read the story of Amanda Chariss, go get it at, but the questions can be answered by following the links in the hints offered in the questions.
1. Got to
2. Answer the three questions in an e-mail to by Saturday, August 4
3. Be sure to mention The Scavenger Hunt Contest in your subject line

Easy as that…You're entered in the Scavenger Hunt Contest for a chance to win a mini-spa package of lavender goodies from Arcana's bathing rooms. (Do I really have to keep calling them "goodies"? What exactly are "goodies"? There's got to be a more masculine way I can refer to this…)
Your deadline to enter The Scavenger Hunt Contest is Saturday, August 4, so don't delay getting over to Kora's blog at

The Author Island Contest
How about winning an autographed copy of Choices Meant for Gods itself? The exquisite DeNita Tuttle is running a contest at
1. Go to and scroll down to the fabulous purple and orange fantasy cover with my bride's reflection shining off her sword
2. Click on the "email me your answers" link with the answers to the administrator's two simple questions by the September 30 deadline
3. DeNita will let you know after September 30 if you've won

Another easy one, don't you think?

So you have four simple opportunities to win good prizes from the Choices Meant for Gods marketing machine known as Sandy Lender. I recommend taking advantage of them all.

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